Hi Im Sheena and I love capturing that feeling that draws 2 people together and the emotion behind it that tells your story. Not anyone else's but the story between you two, telling it like it is. In the most honest moment you have together, the emotional truth. Moments that captures the honesty; sometimes vulnerable but the realness that you share together. But mostly, I want my images to be honest, timeless, touch your heart, make you laugh & cry and let you relive every moment of that special day forever.

I reside in Brooklyn with my husband Jeff and our daughter Amelia Mirai who just turned 1 this yr! Amelia’s middle name Mirai means the future in Japanese. My husband is half Japanese so we wanted her to have a little bit of that culture sprinkle ha! As cliche as it sounds, after becoming a mother I enjoy doing what I do more as I know how important it is to document weddings are to family. First wedding I shot after my maternity leave I cried so much when I saw the first Father-Daughter dance. I cant wait until that day comes.

I get asked all the time, why UNIQUE LAPIN….soooooo my business name comes from my husband’s animal zodiac sign which is the rabbit and its in french because Paris is the first city we traveled to together.

Some stuff I really love…

  • The smell of the air, day after it rains

  • John Coltrane

  • Ice cream & lemon twist martini

  • Drinking icy cold drinks in super cold weather

  • Sound of stepping on fresh snow

  • When a wooden chopstick break perfectly

  • Travel but who doesnt?!